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Tourist guide at Washington DC

October 31st, 2022

Washington District of Columbia,Guest Posting usually called Washington D.C is drawing millions of tourists from everyplace in the world every year. Washington D.C has so many tourist attractions, which are present probably since the city was founded hundred of years ago and has been the capital of the US for centuries. The city lies on the banks of the Potomac River and Maryland and Virginia border it.

Washington D.C. was settled by people from Europe during the 17th century and today the place is inhabited by individuals from different places of the world

The nicest time of the year to see the D.C. is surely the spring since during the spring the weather is not hot neither cold. The summertime is extremely hot and you wouldn’t be able to move much at that time.

Coming to this great metropolis is extremely easy. Washington D.C. can be accessed via three main airports of which, Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport is the closest to the city. On the other hand, if you live in the USif your residency is not far away from Washington D.C. and want to travel to this fantastic place, you can also get there by train.

George Washington on Eurekonomics

April 21st, 2022

Americans today have been misled and misinformed about almost every aspect of wealth creation and personal financial management. Americans today need to relearn what the Founders knew about money.

Joseph J. Ellis in His Excellency George Washington [Vintage books, NY] writes that the Father of our Country, unlike Thomas Jefferson and others from the elite class of the day, demonstrated “…concern for his own economic interest…” The author adds parenthetically, “Perhaps this is the underlying reason Jefferson and so many other[s]…would die in debt, and Washington would die a very wealthy man.”

It may also be one of the main reasons the founders and citizens of early America chose George Washington to be our first President. Early America knew that looking out for our country’s financial well being was a primary duty of our Presidents.

Washington, unlike many of his peers, chose “to act in a direct and personal fashion to recover his own independence from” the British government and their elitist allies in business and commerce who treated Americans with a certain amount of disdain and ignored their cries for justice and pleas for liberty.

How did Washington unfetter himself from the British elite? The Ellis biography describes it this way: Starting in 1766 he abandoned tobacco [a British obsession at that time] as his cash crop at Mt. Vernon. From then on he grew wheat, constructed his own mill to grind it into flour, and sold the flour in Alexandria and Norfolk. He also built his own schooner to harvest the herring and shad in the Potomac and sold the fish locally. In addition, he purchased a seagoing vessel to carry his flour, fish, and corn to such distant markets as Lisbon.

Washington continued to diversify. He developed a full-scale spinning and weaving operation. He made it quite clear that he was determined to defy the pattern of indebtedness to the British Behemoths that swallowed up his contemporaries and that he was determined to free himself from the clutches of the British Behemoths of the day.

What the Father of America and the other Founders discovered and understood in 1766 was that people that are subservient to government or to the businesses, unions, and lobbyists that maintain symbiotic relationships with government do not have liberty and are not free. George Washington knew EUREKONOMICS in the terms of his day.

Americans today do not.

Americans today have been misled and misinformed about almost every aspect of wealth creation and personal financial management. Americans today need to relearn what the Founders knew about personal finances; they need to practice what the Founders practiced when they created wealth and managed their personal finances.

Americans today are blessed with advanced financial products that the Founders were just beginning to develop. In particular, Americans in the 21st century have access to the most powerful, versatile, and flexible financial product ever conceived: participating whole life insurance, which allows today’s Americans to control the money that flows through their lives.

Remember the Golden Rule: Whoever controls the gold makes the rules.

To the extent that others – especially governments – control the money that flows through the personal economies of individuals, to the same extent those others deny Americana their individual liberties.

“Individual liberties create and nurture free markets. Free markets encourage and nurture healthy personal economies. Limiting individual liberties necessarily damages personal economies. Damaging personal economies necessarily limits individual liberties.” – Dr Agon Fly

Think it through. Who among us has the greatest liberty? Is it not those who control and are good stewards of their personal economies?

~ The construction worker that lays aside extra ready cash to carry him through a tough winter or a downturn in new housing construction

~ The nurse that adds a specialty to her RN degree and makes herself more employable even during the bad times

~ The small business owner that reduces inventory and overhead at the first sign of reduced sales to insure the jobs of his or her employees

~ The entrepreneur that nurtures his business to create personal wealth

~ The retiree that opts to reduce current income to accommodate a longer life span

Unfortunately, many Americans have been led astray, have relinquished control of their money to investment advisors, qualified retirement plans like 401(k)s, and have opted-out of actively creating wealth and managing their personal finances.

Beginning during the Carter administration and recurring during the Clinton, Bush, and especially the Obama Presidencies, the federal government, financial entities, and social institutions seized control of more and more of the personal finances and economies of individuals and families based on the faulty premise that BIG knows best. The effect of these decisions on personal economies is apparent today in the painful rate of unemployment, the high foreclosure rate, falling investment values and returns, and the tsunami of bankruptcies.

However, in the past few years, an old and thoroughly proven idea – that each American and each American family can and should keep control of the money that flows through their lives – has risen like a Phoenix from the ashes of a conflagration of disinformation and misinformation that started in the 1970′s.

We call this resurrected idea EUREKONOMICS!

EUREKONOMICS aims to show Americans how to create a personal economy that lets them…

Thrive in good times and bad, Grow rich without risk, and Secure wealth without worry by taking advantage of the power, flexibility, and versatility of participating whole life insurance and following the same set of rules that the Founders followed.

Here is a list of the 13 Immutable Laws of EUREKONOMICS that the Founders knew and followed.

1. The Law of Liberty: When others – especially governments – control your economy, they deny your personal liberty.

2. The Law of Economic Know-How: Successful personal economies rely on knowledge of personal economic principles, understanding the application of those principles to one’s personal situation, and wise decisions about how and when to apply them.

3. The Law of the Behemoths: The economic system in the modern world champions the economies of Behemoths – big government, big unions, big bureaucracies, and big businesses – at the expense of individual personal economies.

4. The Tax Law: The government always writes tax law to its own advantage. Tax deductibility is a trap.

5. The Foundation Law: Every successful personal economy rests on the foundation of accessible cash money and participating whole life insurance policies are the best product available for that foundation.

6. The Law of the Four Pillars: There are four, and only four, measures of successful personal economies: freedom from debt, ready cash, secure income, and a legacy.

7. The First Law of Wealth Creation: You must manage cash flow to create wealth.

8. The Second Law of Wealth Creation: You cannot buy wealth.

9. The Law of Debt: Debt is never good. It can be useful and important, but it is never good in a personal economy. Borrowing money from others is NOT how the rich do it.

10. The Law of Speculation: What conventional wisdom refers to as an investment is really a speculation according to Benjamin Graham. Speculation is gambling.

11. The First Law of Investing: Investing is appropriate only for a very small number of Americans.

12. The Second Law of Investing: If you invest, invest only from savings, never from income.

13. The Law of Returns: Average rate of return, whether illustrating past performance or future results, is useless in managing a personal economy. The actual rate of return – year after year – provided by participating whole life insurance is the surest, safest, and fastest way to wealth

The Behemoths would have Modern America believe that these laws are no longer valid and that we should trust the government, the financial Behemoths, the unions, A-A-R-P and its ilk… NOT!

It’s time for Americans to regain control of their personal finances and to do that Americans need to learn and practice the 13 Immutable Laws of EUREKONOMICS.

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Jeffrey Reeves, MA is a nationally recognized expert on innovative and creative strategies for creating wealth, managing personal finances, and taking advantage of the power, flexibility, and versatility of participating whole life insurance. Jeffrey has fifty years experience as in independent business person and almost forty years experience as an insurance and financial advisor.